UCI Biomarker Detection Laboratory for
Early Detection Research Network (EDRN)

Dan Mercola

The NCI EDRN Consortium commenced in September of 2010 and includes the resources and goals of the former NCI SPECS consortium at UC Irvine.

Background. NCI Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) is a network of NCI-support investigators devoted to the discovery, validation and translation of biomarkers of cancer for early detection, diagnosis prognosis, and prediction of response to treatment and related goals. The EDRN network is summarized at http://edrn.nci.nih.gov/. In September of 2010 UCI was funded for five years as an EDRN "Biomarker Discovery Laboratory" for the development of a consortium (UO1 program) of investigators at UCI and elsewhere to develop profiles of biomarkers for prostate cancer. The UCI program is built on significant tissue, database, and bioinformatics resources developed since 1999 by support of NCI UO1 consortium programs of the NCI "Director's Challenge" program (1999-2004) and the NCI SPECS program (2005-2011).