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Lab Test
11-Deoxy-17-Hydroxycorticosterone; Cortodoxone
Reference Laboratory 82634; 99001 X11DOC
5, 10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase
(MTHFR) C677T Variant Analysis

677T genotype; C677T; MTHFR mutation
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81291 MTHFR
Access COVID 19 Antibody, IGG
Coronavirus-19 IgG; COVID 19 Antibody IGG; SARS-COV-2 IgG
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 86769 COVIG
Alpha-Subunit Pituitary Tumor Marker, Serum
Alpha Glycoprotein Subunit; Alpha Subunit; Chronic Gonadotrophins; Alpha Subunit; HCG, Alpha Subunit; HCG, Alpha-PGH (Pituitary Glycoprotein Gonadotrophin); Hormone, Alpha Subunit; Pituitary Glyoprotein, Alpha Submit
Reference Laboratory 82397; 99001 YAPGH
Amiodarone and Metabolite
Cordarone; Pacerone
Reference Laboratory 80299; 99001 XAMIO
Aneuploidy Panel by FISH
common Trisomy FISH panel; Newborn FISH panel
Reference Laboratory 88271; 88275; 88291; 99001 XNBANU
B Cell Subset Analysis
Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID); Memory B-CELLS
Reference Laboratory 86355; 86356 XBCS
B-Cell Phenotyping Profile for Immunodeficiency and Immune Competence Assessment, Blood
B-cell Immune Competence; Common Variable Immunodeficiency; Kidney Transplant; Acquired Immune Deficiency; ATG; B and T Lymphocyte Surface Marker; B Cell; B Cell Assessment; B Cell CVID; B Cell Function; B Cell Immune Competence; B Cell Phenotype; B Cell Subset; B-cell Function; B-cell Immunodeficiency; CD19; CD19 Count; CD27 CD56 Count; CD3 Count; CD4 Count; CD8 Count; Cell Immunodeficiency; Class-switching; CVID; Helper Suppressor Ratio; Humoral Immunodeficiency; IgD; IgM; IgM Memory B-cell; Immune Assessment; Immune Competence; Immune Reconstitution; Immune Status; Immunodeficiency; Immunodeficiency Panel; Immunophenotyping-CD4 Count; Lymphocyte Surface Marker; Mature B-cell; Memory B-cell; Plasmablast; QN Lymphocyte Subsets: T, B, and NK; Quantitative CD4 and CD8; Suppressor Helper Ratio; Syndrome (AIDS); T and B Lymphocyte Surface Marker; T- and B-cell Quantitation; T- and B-cells; T-cell; T-helper/T-suppressor Ratio; T4/T8 Helper Suppressor Ratio; Transitional B-cell; Variable Immunodeficiency
Reference Laboratory 56360; 86355; 86356; 86357; 86359; 88184; 88185; 99001 YIABCS
Bartonella henselae Antibodies, IgG & IgM
Cat Scratch Fever
Reference Laboratory 86611; 99001 XCSB
Basic Metabolic Panel
Chem7; Panel 7
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80048 BMPAN
BCR-ABL p190 Quantitative Mutation Test
CML; e1a2 translocation; Minor breakpoint; Philadelphia chromosome; t(9;22)
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81207 BCR190
BCR-ABL1 P210 IVD Quantitative qPCR Test
CML; e13a2; e14a2; P210 translocation; Philadelphia chromosome; t(9;22)
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81206 BCR210
BCR-ABL1 Qualitative Test
CML; P190 translocation; P210; Philadelphia Chromosome; t(9;22)
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81206; 81207 BAQUAL
BCR/ABL1, Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Resistance
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL); BCR ABL; BCR-ABL1; BCR/ABL; BCR/ABL 1 Mutation, Sequencing; Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML); Chronic myeloid leukemia; Imatinib resistance; Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI)
Reference Laboratory 81170-ABL1 YBAKDM
Reference Laboratory 80375; 99001 ZBENZ
BRAF V600 Mutation Assay, Colorectal Cancers
BRAF CRC; cetuximab; Lynch Syndrome; panitumumab
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81210; 88381 BRAFC
C Peptide; Connecting-Peptide; Insulin C-Peptide
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 84681 CPEP
C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 86140 CRPC
C-Reactive Protein, Ultra Sensitive
Ultra Sensitive CRP
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 86141 CRPU
C-Telopeptide, Beta-Cross-Linked
Beta-Cross-Laps; Collagen C Telopeptide; CTx
Reference Laboratory 82523; 99001 XCTX
C1 Esterase Inhibitor
Reference Laboratory 86160; 99001 XC1ES
C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Functional
Reference Laboratory 86161; 99001 XC1ESF
C1Q Immune Complex
C1Q Binding Assay; Immune Complex Binding; Immune Complex C1Q Binding
Reference Laboratory 86332; 99001 XC1QIC
C3 Complement
Complement C3
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 86160 C3BET
C4 Complement
Complement C4
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 86160 COMPC4
Cadmium, Urine
Reference Laboratory 82300; 99001 XCADU
Cadmium, Whole Blood
Reference Laboratory 82300; 99001 XCAD
Caffeine citrate injection; Durvitan; NoDoz; Vivarin
Reference Laboratory 80155; 99001 XCAFF
Reference Laboratory 82308; 99001 XCLCTN
Calcitonin Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82310 CA
Calcium Ionized, (Post Filter/Systemic) This test code is ONLY for Inpatient use. (When multiple tests are ordered together with this test, please draw CAICIT its own blood tube)
Ionized Calcium whole Blood
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82330 CAICIT
Calcium Ionized, Whole Blood
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82330 CAI
Calcium, 24 Hour Urine
Calcium urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82340 CAURN
Calcium, Random Urine
Urine-Spot, Calcium
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82340 CAU
Calprotectin, Fecal by Immunoassay
Cal pro; Calpro; Fecal Calprotectin; IBD; IBS; Stool Calprotectin
Reference Laboratory 83993; 99001 XCALP
Calreticulin Exon 9 Mutation
CALR gene; ET; MPN; Myeloproliferative neoplasms; PMF
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81219 CALR
Calretinin Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CAM 5.2 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Cancer Antigen 125
CA125 tumor marker
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 86304 CA125
Cancer Antigen 125 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Cancer Antigen 15-3
CA 15-3
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 86300 CA15
Cancer Antigen 19-9
CA19-9; Cancer Antigen-GI (CA-GI); Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 86301 CA19
Cancer Antigen 19-9 Stain
CA 19-9
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Cancer Antigen 27-29
Breast Cancer Tumor Markers; Breast Carcinoma-Associated Antigen (CA 27.29), Serum; CA27-29; MAM 6; Milk Mucin
Reference Laboratory 86300; 99001 XCA27
Candida albicans Antibodies IgA, IgG, and IgM by ELISA
Reference Laboratory 86628; 99001 XCAB3
Capillary Blood Gas with Hematocrit
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82803 BGHC
Capillary Blood Gas with Hematocrit, Electrolytes and Glucose
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82803 BGLYTC
Carbatrol; Epitol; Equetro; Tegretol
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80161 CARBAM
Carbamazepine Epoxide and Total
11 Exposide; Atretol; Biston; Calpsin; Carbatrol; Epimaz; Epitol; Epitrol; Equetro; Expodie 10 11; Finlepsin; Sirtal; Tegretol metabolite; Telesmin
Reference Laboratory 80156; 80299; 99001 XEPX
Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin
Transferrin Isoelectric Focusing
Reference Laboratory 82373; 99001 ZCDT
Carbon Dioxide
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82374 CO2
Carboxyhemoglobin, Quantitative
Carbon Monoxide
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82375 COHGB
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (This test is being run by batch due to back-order of reagent and calibrator.)
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82378 CEA
Carcinoembryonic Antigen, Fluid
Reference Laboratory 82378; 99001 XCEAF
Carcinoembryonic Antigen-Monoclonal Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Carcinoembryonic Antigen-Polyclonal Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Cardiolipin Antibody, IgA
ACA; aCL antibody; aCL IgA; Anticardiolipin antibodies; Cardiolip
Reference Laboratory 86147; 99001 XCARDA
Cardiolipin Autoantibodies, IgG and IgM
Phospholipid antibodies
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 86147 CARL
Carnitine, Free and Total
Carnitine Profile
Reference Laboratory 82379; 99001 XCARN
Carnitine, Urine
Reference Laboratory 82379; 99001 ZCARU
Reference Laboratory 82380; 99001 XCAROT
Catecholamine Fractionated, Plasma
Adrenaline; Noradrenaline
Reference Laboratory 82384; 99001 XCATPL
Catecholamine Fractionated, Urine
Reference Laboratory 81050; 82384; 99001 XCATUR
CD10 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD117 Stain
C kit
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD138 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD15 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD1a Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD20 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD3 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD30 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD31 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD34 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD34+ Stem Cell Quantitative by Flow Cytometry
CD34+ Stem cell count
Hematology 86367 CD34QN
CD43 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 8832 IMMPRX
CD45 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD5 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD68 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD7 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
CD79a Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Celiac Disease/Sprue Profile
Reference Laboratory
Cell Count and Differential, Body Fluid
Hematology 89051 CCBOD
Cell Count and Differential, Spinal Fluid
Hematology 89051 CCCSF
Centromere Antibody, IgG
ACA; Anti-Centromere Antibodies; Centromere Autoantibodies; Centromere B; CREST; HEp-2
Reference Laboratory 83516; 99001 XACA
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 82390 CERULO
Chagas Disease Antibody, IgG
Trypanosoma Cruzi Antibody, IgG
Reference Laboratory 86753; 99001 XCHAGG
Chimerism, Donor
Bone marrow DNA typing; Chimerism evaluation; Pre transplant evaluation; Transplant analysis; Transplant evaluation
Reference Laboratory 81265; 99001 XCHDNR
Chimerism, Post-Transplant
Bone Marrow DNA Typing Transplant Eval.; Bone Marrow DNA typing; Bone Marrow Transplantation; Chimerism Evaluation; one Marrow Post-Trans Eval; Post-Transplant; Transplant Analysis; Transplant Evaluation
Reference Laboratory 81267 XCHIM
Chimerism, Post-Transplant, Sorted Cells
Bone Marrow DNA Typing Transplant Eval.; Bone Marrow Post-Trans Eval; Bone Marrow Transplantation; Chimerism Evaluation; Chimerism, Post-Transplant, Sorted Cells; Engraftment Monitoring; Post-Transplant; Transplant Analysis; Transplant Evaluation
Reference Laboratory 81268; 88184; 88185 XCHIMS
Chimerism, Recipient Pre-Transplant
Bone marrow DNA typing; Chimerism evaluation; Pre transplant evaluation; Transplant analysis; Transplant evaluation
Reference Laboratory 81265 XCHRCP
Chlamydia Antibodies, IgG, IgM, and IgA
Chlamydia Antibody Panel; LGV Serology
Reference Laboratory 86631; 86632; 99001 ZCHLM
Chlamydia Neisseria Gonorrhoease RNA, TMA, Rectal
Reference Laboratory 87491; 87591; 99001 ZCTNGR
Chlamydia Neisseria Gonorrhoease RNA, TMA, Throat
Reference Laboratory 87491; 87591; 99001 ZCTNGT
Chlamydia trachomatis & Neisseria gonorrhoeae by PCR
Microbiology 87491; 87591 CTNG
Chlamydia Trachomatis Culture
C. Trachomatis, Chlamydia Trachomatis
Reference Laboratory 99001, 87110, 87140 XCTC
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82435 CL
Chloride, 24 Hour Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82436 CLURN
Chloride, Fecal
Reference Laboratory 82438; 99001 XCHLF
Chloride, Random Urine
Urine-spot, Chloride
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82436 CLU
Chloride, Whole Blood (This Test is For Operating /Preop Use Only)
CL; CL-; Electrolytes
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82435 CLWB
Chlorpromazine (Thorazine)
Chlorpromazine; Thorazine
Reference Laboratory 80342; 99001 YFCHPZ
Plasma cholesterol
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82465 CHOL
Cholesterol, Fluid
Reference Laboratory 84311; 99001 XCHOLF
Cholesteryl Esters
Cholesterol Esters
Reference Laboratory 84311; 99001 ZESTER
Chromium, Serum
Reference Laboratory 82495; 99001 XCHRO
Chromogranin A
Reference Laboratory 86316; 99001 XCHROM
Chromogranin Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Chromosome Analysis of Hematological Malignancies
Cytogenetics 88237; 88261, 88262, 88264; 88280, 88285; 88291 N/A
Chromosome Analysis with Reflex to Genomic Microarray
Reference Laboratory 81229; 88230; 88262; 88291; 99001 XCHRGM
Chromosome Analysis, Amniotic Fluid
Chromosome study; Constitutional study; Karyotype
Reference Laboratory 88235; 88269; 99001 XAFCA
Chromosome Analysis, Bone Marrow
Reference Laboratory 88237; 88262; 88280; 88285; 88291; 99001 ZBMC
Chromosome Analysis, High Resolution
Karyotype; Prophase Bands
Reference Laboratory 88230; 88262; 88280; 88285; 88289; 88291; 99001 ZHIGH
Chromosome Analysis, Peripheral Blood
Chromosome study; Constitutional study; Karyotype
Reference Laboratory 88230; 88262; 88291; 99001 XRTC
Chromosome Analysis, Product of Conception
15-20 cells; Karyotype
Reference Laboratory 88233; 88262; 88291; 99001 XPOC
Chromosome Analysis, Products of Conception, with Reflex to Genomic Microarray
Reference Laboratory 81229; 88233; 88262; 88291; 99001 XCHPOC
Chromosome Analysis, Solid Tissue (Tumor)
Reference Laboratory 88239; 88262; 88280; 88285; 88291; 99001 ZSTCA
Citric Acid, Urine
Reference Laboratory 82507; 99001 XCAU
CK-MB Panel
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82550; 82553 CKMB
Clobazam and Metabolite, Serum
Frisium; Norclobazam; Onfi
Reference Laboratory 80339; 99001; G0480 YCLOBZ
Clomipramine (Anafranil) and Metabolite
Reference Laboratory 80335; 99001 XCLOM
Klonopin or Clonopin; Nitrozepane; Rivotril or Rivotrol
Reference Laboratory 80346; 99001 XCLONA
Desmethyldiazepam; Gen-Xene; Nordiazepam; Novo-Clopate; Traxene
Reference Laboratory 80346; 99001 XCLOR
Clostridium difficile PCR with Reflex
Clostridium difficile Toxin PCR with reflex, stool
Microbiology 87324; 87493 SCDIFR
Microbiology 87077 CULCLO
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80159 CLOZ
Clozapine, Serum
Clozaril; Norclozapine
Reference Laboratory 80159; 99001 YCLZ
CNS Demyelinating Disease Evaluation, Serum
ADEM; AQP4; Aquaporin; Devic’s Antibody; NMO; NMO-IgG; Optic Neuritis Antibody; Transverse Myelitis Antibody; Vision Loss Antibody
Reference Laboratory 86255; 86256; 99001 YCDS1
Coagulation Factor XII Activity Assay, Plasma
Factor XII; Factor XII Activity Assay
Reference Laboratory 85280; 99001 YF12
Cobalt, Blood
Reference Laboratory 83018; 99001 XCOBAL
Cocaine Confirmation
Benzoylecgonine; Coke
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80353 COKCON
Cocaine Screen
Benzoylecgonine Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 COKE
Coccidioides Antibody Screen by EIA (IgG & IgM), Serum
Microbiology 86635 SERCEP
Coccidioidomycosis by Complement Fixation
Reference Laboratory 86171; 99001 ZCOCF
Coccidioidomycosis by Immunodiffusion
Reference Laboratory 86331; 99001 ZCOID
Cold Agglutinin Titer, Serum
Reference Laboratory 86157; 99001 YCATR
Colorectal Panel by Next Generation Sequencing
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81445; 88381 NGSCOL
Complement Activity Enzyme Immunoassay, Total
CAE; CH 100; CH50 Complement; Classic Complement pathway Assessment-CH 100
Reference Laboratory 86162; 99001 XCH50
Complement C1Q, Quantitative
Reference Laboratory 86160; 99001 ZC1QCO
Complement C2
Reference Laboratory 86160; 99001 XC2CO
Complete Blood Count (CBC), with Differential
Hematology 85025 CBCWID
Complete Blood Count (CBC), without Differential
Hematology 85027 CBCWOT
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Chem18; Chem20; CMP
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80053 CMPAN
Congo Red Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88313 HSPST2
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 82525 COPPSR
Copper, Liver Tissue
Reference Laboratory 82525; 99001 ZLICO
Copper, Urine
Reference Laboratory 82525; 99001 XCOP
Cord Blood
Cord Blood Type & Direct Coombs
Blood Bank 86880; 86900; 86901 CORD
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) In House Test Priority
2019nCoV; COVID; Novel Coronavirus; SARS-CoV-2
Microbiology 87635 SCOVD
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) In House Test Routine
2019nCoV; COVID; Novel Coronavirus; SARS-CoV-2
Microbiology 87635 SCOV
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Send-out Test
2019nCoV; COVID; Novel Coronavirus; SARS-CoV-2
Reference Laboratory 87635 ZCOV19
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) UCI Campus Use Only
2019nCoV; COVID; Novel Coronavirus; SARS-CoV-2
Microbiology 87635 SCOVC
Random cortisol
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82533 CORTIS
Cortisol (30 minutes)
Cortrosyn Stimulating Test
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82533 CORT30
Cortisol (60 minutes)
Cortrosyn Stimulating Test
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82533 CORT60
Cortisol (Baseline)
Cortrosyn Stimulating Test
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82533 CORTB
Cortisol, Free, Urine
Reference Laboratory 82530; 99001 XCORUF
Cortisol, Saliva
Nighttime salivary cortisol; salivary cushings; salivary hydrocortisone
Reference Laboratory 82533; 99001 YSALCT
Microbiology 87637 SCFR
Coxiella burnetii Antibody IgG, Phase I and II with Reflex to Titer
Q Fever Antibody, IgG
Reference Laboratory 86638; 99001 XCOXBR
Coxsackie A Antibodies, Spinal Fluid
Reference Laboratory 86658; 99001 ZCOAC
Coxsackie A Virus Antibodies, Serum
Reference Laboratory 86658; 99001 ZCOXA
Coxsackie B Virus Antibodies (Serotypes 1 - 6), Serum
Reference Laboratory 86658; 99001 ZCOB
Coxsackie B Virus Antibodies (Serotypes 1-6), Spinal Fluid
Reference Laboratory 86658; 99001 ZCOBC
Creatine Kinase (CK)
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82550 CPK
Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes
CK isoenzymes
Reference Laboratory 82550; 82552; 99001 XCKISO
Creatinine Clearance, Blood and 24 Hour Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 81050; 82575 CRCLR
Creatinine with GFR
Blood creatinine; CREAT; Serum Creatinine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82565 CREGFR
Creatinine, 24 Hour Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82570 CREATU
Creatinine, Body Fluid
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82570 CREFL
Creatinine, Random Urine
Urine-spot, Creatinine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82570 CRU
Crossmatch, Blood
Compatibility Test
Blood Bank 86850; 86900; 86901; 86920; 86922 XM
Cryoglobulin and Cryofibrinogen Panel, Serum and Plasma
Cryocrit; Cryofibrinogen; Cryoglobulin; Cryoprotein
Reference Laboratory 82585; 82595; 86334; 99001 YCRGSP
Cryoglobulin, Qualitative
Cryocrit; Cryoprotein
Reference Laboratory 82595; 99001 XCRYGB
Cryptococcus Antibodies
Reference Laboratory 86403; 99001 ZCRA
Cryptococcus Antigen, CSF
Microbiology 87899; 87899-59 SERCRC
Cryptococcus Antigen, Serum
Microbiology 87899; 87899-59 SERCRY
Cryptosporidium Examination
Microbiology 87015; 87272 PARCRY
Crystals, Synovial or Joint Fluid
Calcium pyrophosphate dehydrogenase; CPPD; Gout; Joint fluid; pseudogout
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 89060 CRYSTL
CU Index
Chronic Urticaria
Reference Laboratory 86352; 99001 YFCUIX
Culture, Actinomyces (Anaerobe)
Microbiology 87070; 87075; 87205 CULANA
Culture, Aerobic Actinomyces (Nocardia)
Microbiology 87102; 87206 CULFUD
Culture, Aerobic Bacteria
Microbiology 87070; 87205 CULAER
Culture, Anaerobic Bacteria
Microbiology 87070; 87075; 87176; 87205 CULANA
Culture, Blood (Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria)
Microbiology 87040; 87150 59 CULBLD
Culture, Bone Marrow (Bacteria)
Microbiology 87040 CULFLS
Culture, Catheter
Catheter Culture
Microbiology 87070 CULCAT
Culture, Ciprofloxacin Resistant Organisms Screen
Microbiology 87081 CULCRS
Culture, Feces (Bacteria)
Stool culture
Microbiology 87045; 87046; 87147; 87427 CULSTL
Culture, Fluid (Sterile Body)
Microbiology 87070; 87205 CULFLS
Culture, Fungal, Blood
Microbiology 87015; 87103 CULFBD
Culture, Fungal, Dermal (Skin, hair, nails)
Microbiology 87101; 87206 CULSHN
Culture, Fungal, Routine
Microbiology 87102; 87206 CULFUD
Culture, Genital
Microbiology 87070; 87205 CULGEN
Culture, Group A, Beta Strep Screen, Throat
Microbiology 87081; 87147 CULBST
Culture, Group B Streptococcus Screen
GBS screen
Microbiology 87081; 87147 CULGBS
Culture, Legionella species
Microbiology 87070 CULLEG
Culture, Lower Respiratory Tract
Sputum culture
Microbiology 87070; 87205 CULSPU
Culture, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus areus (MRSA)
MRSA screen
Microbiology 87081 CULMRS
Culture, Mycobacteria (AFB)
TB culture
Microbiology 87015; 87116; 87206 CULAFB
Culture, Mycobacteria, Blood
TB blood culture
Microbiology 87015; 87116 CULTBD
Culture, Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Transgrow culture
Microbiology 87081 CULTRW
Culture, Spinal Fluid (Bacteria)
CSF culture
Microbiology 87070; 87205 CULCSF
Culture, Urine (Bacteria)
Microbiology 87086 CULURI
Culture, Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE) Screen
VRE screen
Microbiology 87081 CULVRE
Cutaneous Immunofluorescence, Biopsy
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) n/a IMMFL
Cyanide, Whole Blood
CN; Hydrogen Cyanide; Potassium Cyanide
Reference Laboratory 82600; 99001 XCYAN
Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (CCP) Antibody IgG
Reference Laboratory 86200; 99001 XCCPA
Cyclin D-1 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Cyclospora Examination
Microbiology 87015; 87207 PARCYC
Neoral; Sandimmune
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80158 CYCWB
CYP2C19 Genetic Testing
Clopidogrel; CYP2C19; Cytochrome P450 2C19; Plavix
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81225 2C19
Cystatin C
Cystatin C with estimated GFR
Chemistry (Toxicology) 82610 CYSTC
Cystic Fibrosis (CFTR) 165 Pathogenic Variants
CF carrier screening test; CFTR; Classic CF
Reference Laboratory 81220; 99001 XCFTR
Cysticercosis Antibody, IgG, Serum
Reference Laboratory 86682; 99001 XCYS
Cysticercosis Antibody, IgG, Spinal Fluid
Reference Laboratory 86682; 99001 XCCYS
Cysticercus Antibody, IgG, Western Blot, Serum
Reference Laboratory 86682; 99001 ZCYT
Cystoisospora (Isospora) belli Examination
Microbiology 87015; 87207 PARISO
Cytogenomic SNP Microarray
Reference Laboratory 81229; 99001 XSNPM
Cytology, Anal Conventional Pap Test
Liquid Based Anal PAP; Non-GYN; ThinPrep
Cytology 88160 N/A
Cytology, Anal Liquid Based Pap Test
Liquid Based Anal PAP; Non-Gyn; ThinPrep
Cytology 88112 N/A
Cytology, Breast/Nipple Discharge Non-Gyn
Nipple Discharge; Nipple Secretions; Non-Gyn
Cytology 88160 N/A
Cytology, Brushing Non-Gyn
Bronchial Brushing; Common Bile Duct Brushing; Esophageal Brushing; Gastric Brushing; Hepatic Duct Brushing; Non-Gyn
Cytology 88160 or 88161 or 88162 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342 N/A
Cytology, Conventional Pap Smear
Conventional Pap Smear; GYN; PAP Smear
Cytology 88141; 88164; P3000; P3001 N/A
Cytology, CSF Non-Gyn
Cerebrospinal Fluid; CSF, Non-Gyn
Cytology 88108; 88305; 88368 N/A
Cytology, Cyst Fluid Non-Gyn
Breast Cyst; Non-Gyn; Ovarian Cyst; Pancreatic Cyst; Renal Cyst
Cytology 88161 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342; 88368 N/A
Cytology, Effusions (Body Cavity Fluid) Non-Gyn
Abdominal Wash; Ascitic Fluid; Body Cavity Fluid; Diaphragmatic Wash; Non-Gyn; Paracentesis; Pelvic Wash; Pericardial Fluid; Peritoneal Fluid; Pleural Fluid; Thoracentesis
Cytology 88161 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342; 88368 N/A
Cytology, Fine Needle Aspirate
CT (Computed Tomography Guided) FNA; Cytotechnologist FNA assist; EBUS (Endobronchial Ultrasound Guided) FNA; EUS (Endoscopic Ultrasound Guided) FNA; FNA; FNA adequacy check; Needle Aspiration Biopsy; TBNA (Transbronchial Needle Aspiration); US (Ultrasound Guided) FNA; Wang Needle Biopsy
Cytology 10021; 88172; 88173; 88177; 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342; 88368 N/A
Cytology, Liquid Based Pap Test
GYN; Liquid Based PAP; Pap Smear; ThinPrep
Cytology 87621; 88142; 88143; G0123; G0141 N/A
Cytology, Pulmonary Non-Gyn
Bronchial Wash; Bronchoalveolar Lavage; Non-Gyn; Pulmonary; Respiratory
Cytology 88161 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342 N/A
Cytology, Sputum Non-Gyn
Non-Gyn; Pulmonary; Respiratory; Sputum Cytology
Cytology 88161 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342 N/A
Cytology, Urinary Non-Gyn
Bladder Wash; Cathetrized Urine; Non-Gyn; Renal Pelvis Washing; Ureteral; Voided Urine
Cytology 88112; 88305 N/A
Cytology, Vitreous Fluid Non-Gyn
Vitreous fluid
Cytology 88108 or 88161, 88305; 88312; 88313 N/A
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Antibodies, IgG
Microbiology 86644 VISCMG
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Antibodies, IgG & IgM
Microbiology 86644; 86645 VISCMP
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA by PCR, Quantitative
Microbiology 87497 SCMVQT
Cytomegalovirus by Qualitative PCR
CMV; HHV5; Human herpes virus 5
Reference Laboratory 87496; 99001 XCMV
Diazepam (Valium) and Nordiazepam
Benzodiazepines; Clorazepate; Diastat; Diazemuls; T-Quil; Tranxene; Valium; Valrelease
Reference Laboratory 80346; 99001 XDIAZ
Drug Screen Comprehensive, Urine and Blood
Coma Panel
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307; 80320; 80336; 80342; 80345; 80368 COMAD
Ethambutol Quantitative, Serum or Plasma
Clon; Myambutol
Reference Laboratory 80375; 99001 XETHCL
Afinitor; Certican; Zortress
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80169 EVERO
Fat, Feces
Coefficient of Fat Absorption; Fecal Fat; Fecal Fat Quantitative; Lipids; Lipids Feces; Stool Fat; Stool Fecal Fat Quantitative
Reference Laboratory 82710; 99001 YFATF
FibroTest-ActiTest, Serum
Chronic Hepatitis B; Chronic Hepatitis C; HCV Fibrosure; Hepatic Fibrosis; Hepatic Inflammation; Hepatitis; Liver Fibrosis
Reference Laboratory 81599; 99001 YFIBRO
Hemochromatosis (HFE) Gene Variant Analysis
C282Y; H63D; Hemochromatosis gene; HFE genotype
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81256 HFE
HLA, B1502 Typing (Molecular Typing, Intermediate Resolution)
B*1502; Carbamazepine Sensitivity
HLA Laboratory 81381 B1502
HLA, DQ2 & DQ8 Typing (Molecular Typing, Intermediate Resolution)
Celiac Panel
HLA Laboratory 81377 DQ28
HLA, Single Antigen Antibody ID, Class I Supplemental, Flow (for renal and Post-Transplant)
Class I Supplemental by Luminex; HLA; Single Antigen Antibody ID
HLA Laboratory 86832 HLSA1R
HLA, Single Antigen Antibody ID, Class II Supplemental, Flow (for renal and Post-Transplant)
Class II Supplemental by Luminex; HLA; Single Antigen Antibody ID
HLA Laboratory 86833 HLSA2R
Huntington Disease, Molecular Analysis
Chorea; HD; HTT; Huntington horea
Reference Laboratory 81401; 99001 YHAD
Immune Cell Function
Cylex; ImmuKnow; lymphocyte stimulation
Reference Laboratory 86352; 99001 ZIMMUN
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 83520 IL6
JAK2 Gene, V617F Mutation by ddPCR, Quantitative
BCR-ABL 1-negative testing; Classic BCR-ABL1-negative testing; MPN JAK 2; Mutant JAK2 V617F allelic burden
Reference Laboratory 81270; 99001 XJAK2Q
Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (LAD)
CD11a, CD11b, and CD18
Reference Laboratory 88184; 88185; 99001 ZLAD
Librium and Nordiazepam
Chlordiazepoxide; Kolpoxide; Librax; Libritabs; Misural; Mitran; Multom; Poxi; Risolid; Sonimen; Tropium; Vovapam; Zetran
Reference Laboratory 80346; 99001 XCDPX
Lipid Panel with Reflex to Direct LDL
Cholesterol Panel; Coronary Risk Panel; Lipid Panel; Lipid Screen
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80061; 83721 LIPSCD
Lipid Panel, Fasting
Cholesterol Panel; Coronary Risk Panel; Lipid Panel AMA; Lipid Screen
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80061 LIPSCN
Lipid Panel, Non-Fasting
Cholesterol Panel; Coronary Risk Panel; Lipid Panel; Lipid Screen
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80061 LIPSC2
Mixed Venous, Blood Gas With Electrolytes and Glucose
Blood Gas; CHEM; HCT; Mixed Venous
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82083 BGLTMV
Myasthenia Gravis (MG)/Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS) Evaluation, Serum
P/Q; Acetylcholine Receptor (Muscle AChR) Antibodies; Ach Receptor Ab; AChR (Acetylcholine Receptor); AChR Receptor Blocking Ab; Anti-Skeletal Muscle Antibodies; Blocking Ab; Calcium channel antibody; Lambert Eaton; Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic syndrome; Lambert-Eaton syndrome; LEMS; LES; Muscle End-Plate Antibodies; MUSK; MuSK myasthenia; Myasthenia Gravis; Myasthenia Gravis Antibodies; Myoid Antibody; Thymoma
Reference Laboratory 83519; 86255; 99001 Y1MGL
N-Telopeptide, Cross-Linked, Serum
Collagen Cross-Linked N-Telopeptide; NTx; Osteomark
Reference Laboratory 82523; 99001 XNTLO
N-Telopeptide, Cross-Linked, Urine
Collagen Cross-Linked N-Telopeptide; NTx; Osteomark
Reference Laboratory 82523; 99001 XNTELO
Natural Killer (NK)/Natural Killer T (NKT) Cell Subsets, Quantitative
Absolute NK cell defects; CD16-positive NK cells; CD56 bright NK cells; CD56+++ NK cells; Classic NK cell deficiency; Cytokine-producing NK cells; Cytotoxic NK cells; Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis; HLH; Invariant NKT cells; Natural killer (NK) cell quantitation; Natural Killer Cell Subset Phenotyping; NK cell deficiencies; NK cell Phenotyping; NK cells; NKT cells
Reference Laboratory 86357; 86359; 86365; 99001 YQNKS
Neuron Specific Enolase (NSE), Spinal Fluid
CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease); Creutzfeld-Jakob disease; Neuron Specific Enolase CSF; NSE
Reference Laboratory 83520; 99001 ZNSEC
Nicotine and Metabolites, Quantitative
Reference Laboratory 80323; 99001 XCOT
Oligoclonal Band Profile
CSF Oligoclonal Bands; MS Panel; MS Profile; Multiple Sclerosis Panel
Reference Laboratory 82040; 82042; 82784; 83916; 99001 XMSPN
Oligoclonal Bands in CSF and Serum
CSF; CSF Oligoclonal Bands; Oligoclonal IgG
Reference Laboratory 83916; 99001 XOLIGO
Opiates 5 plus Tramadol by GCMS
Codeine; Hydrocodone; Hydromorphone; Morphine; Oxycodone; Tramadol
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80364; 80373 OP5TRA
Opiates Confirmation
Codeine; Morphine
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80361 OPSCON
Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation, Serum
Acetylcholine Receptor; Amphipysin Ab; Anti-CV2; Anti-Enteric Neuronal Ab; Anti-GAD65; Anti-Glial Nuclear Ab; Anti-Hu; Anti-Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Ab; Anti-Ri; Anti-Skeletal Ab; Anti-Yo; CRMP-5
Reference Laboratory 83519; 83520; 84182; 86255; 86256; 86341; 99001 Y1PAVA
Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation, Spinal Fluid
Amohiohysin Ab; ANNA-1; ANNA-2; ANNA-3; Anti-Hu; Anti-Ri; anti-Yo; Antineuronal; CRMP-5-IgG; PCA-1; PCA-2; PCA-Tr; Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Ab
Reference Laboratory 86255; 99001; If reflexed: Y1PAC
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT) Inhibitor
1:1 Mixing study; 50:50 mixing study; APTT Inhibitor; Correction Study; Mixing Study
Hematology 85670; 85730; 85732 INHPTT
pH, Pleural Fluids
Chest Fluid; Thoracentesis Fluid; Thoracic Fluid
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 83986 PHPFL
Platelet Antibody Screen, Serum
Antiplatelet Antibodies; Circulating Platelet Antibody; Indirect Platelet Antibody
Reference Laboratory 86022; 99001 YPLABN
PNH, PI-Linked Antigen, Blood
Acid Hemolysis; CD 55; CD 59; FLAER; GPI-Linked Antigen; PI LINKED AG; PNH; Sucrose Analysis; Sugar Water PNH Screen
Reference Laboratory 81888; 88184; 88185; 99001 YPLINK
Porphyrins, Total, Serum or Plasma
Coproporphyrin; Protoporphyrin; Variegate porphyria porphyrin
Reference Laboratory 84311; 99001 XPORS
Prothrombin Time (PT) Inhibitor
1:1 Mixing study; 50:50 mixing study; Correction Study; Mixing Study; PT Inhibitor
Hematology 85610; 85611 INHPT
Puchtler’s Modification of Bennhold’s Stain for Amyloid
Congo Red
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88313 HSPST2
Rituxan Sensitivity (CD20)
Reference Laboratory 86356; 99001 ZCD20
Soluble-Liver Antigen Antibody, IgG
Anti-SLA; Cytokeratin Antibody
Reference Laboratory 83516; 99001 XCKA
ST2, Serum
Cardiac Fibrosis; Cardiac Remodeling; Heart Failure; L-33 Receptor; ST2S
Reference Laboratory 83006; 99001 YST2S
Stone Analysis
Calculi Analysis; Renal Stone
Reference Laboratory 82365; 99001 XSTON
T-Cell Lymphocyte Subsets By Flow Cytometry
CD4 Count; T-cell count
Hematology 86359; 86360 TSUBS
Troponin T (cTnT) 5th Generation
Cardiac specific troponin; cTnT; TnT
Reference Laboratory 84484; 99001 XTROT
UGT1A1 Genotyping
Camptosar (Pfizer); Irinotecan; UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1-1; UGT-1A1; UGT1A1 Polymorphism
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81350 UGT1A1
Vaginitis (VG), NuSwab
Atopobium vaginae; Bacterial Vaginosis; BVAB-2; Candida albicans and Candida glabrata; Megasphaera 1; NAA; Trichomonas vaginalis
Reference Laboratory 87661; 87801; 87998; 99001 YFNSVG
Vaginitis Plus (VG+), NuSwab
Chlamydia trachomatis NAA; Atopobium vaginae; Bacterial Vaginosis NAA; BVAB-2; Candida albicans and Candida glabrata NAA; Megasphaera 1; Neisseria gonorrhoeae NAA; Trichomonas vaginalis NAA
Reference Laboratory 87491; 87591; 87661; 87798; 87801; 99001 ZVAGP
Vitamin D, 1, 25-Dihydroxy
1, 25-dihydrocholecalciferol; Calcitriol; Vit D 1 25
Reference Laboratory 82652; 99001 X125VD