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Test Name
Lab Test
DHT; Dihydrotestosterone
Reference Laboratory 82642; 99001 XDHT
Amylase, 2 Hour Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82150 AMYURN
Basic Donor Serology Panel
Donor screen
Reference Laboratory 86703; 86803; 87340; 87341; 99001 ZDONOR
Caffeine citrate injection; Durvitan; NoDoz; Vivarin
Reference Laboratory 80155; 99001 XCAFF
Desmethyldiazepam; Gen-Xene; Nordiazepam; Novo-Clopate; Traxene
Reference Laboratory 80346; 99001 XCLOR
CNS Demyelinating Disease Evaluation, Serum
ADEM; AQP4; Aquaporin; Devic’s Antibody; NMO; NMO-IgG; Optic Neuritis Antibody; Transverse Myelitis Antibody; Vision Loss Antibody
Reference Laboratory 86255; 86256; 99001 YCDS1
Cutaneous Immunofluorescence, Biopsy
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) n/a IMMFL
Cytology, Effusions (Body Cavity Fluid) Non-Gyn
Abdominal Wash; Ascitic Fluid; Body Cavity Fluid; Diaphragmatic Wash; Non-Gyn; Paracentesis; Pelvic Wash; Pericardial Fluid; Peritoneal Fluid; Pleural Fluid; Thoracentesis
Cytology 88161 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342; 88368 N/A
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
Reference Laboratory 82626; 99001 XDHEA
Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 82627 DHEAS
Dengue Fever Antibodies, IgG and IgM
Reference Laboratory 86790; 99001 XDENG
Des-gamma-carboxy Prothrombin
Reference Laboratory 83951; 99001 XDCP
Norpramine; Pertofrane; TCA; Tricyclic antidepressants
Reference Laboratory 80335; 99001 XDES
Influenza PCR; RSV PCR
Microbiology 87631 SFABR
Diazepam (Valium) and Nordiazepam
Benzodiazepines; Clorazepate; Diastat; Diazemuls; T-Quil; Tranxene; Valium; Valrelease
Reference Laboratory 80346; 99001 XDIAZ
Dibucaine Number
Dibucaine Inhibition
Reference Laboratory 82368; 82480; 99001 XDIB
Differential, WBC, Blood
Hematology 85007 DIFF
Digoxin, Quantitative
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80162 DIGOX
Dilantin (Phenytoin), Free and Total
Reference Laboratory 80185; 80186; 99001 XDILFR
Dilantin®, Quantitative
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80185 DILNTN
Diptheria Antibody IgG
Reference Laboratory 86317; 99001 XDIP
Direct and Indirect Antiglobulin Test
DAT; Direct Antiglobulin test, Antibody Screen
Blood Bank 86850; 86870; 86880; 86905 DIRIN
Direct Antiglobulin Test (Anti-complement, Anti-IgG, Polyspecific)
DAT; Direct Coombs
Blood Bank 86880 DIRECT
Disopyramide (Norpace)
Disopyramide phosphate; Norpace CR; Rythmodan
Reference Laboratory 82999; 99001 XDISO
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) Screen
DIC Screen
Hematology 85049; 85379; 85384; 85610; 85730 DICSCR
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) Screen, Follow Up
DIC Follow Up
Hematology 85049; 85384; 85610; 85730 DICFOL
DNase-B Antibody
Anti-Deoxyribonuclease B; Anti-DNase B
Reference Laboratory 86215; 99001 XADB
Double Stranded DNA Antibody (ds-DNA), IgG
Hematology 80500; 86255; 86256 ADSDNA
Doxepin (Sinequan) and Metabolite
Reference Laboratory 80335; 99001 XDOX
Drug Detection Panel, Umbilical Cord Tissue, Qualitative
Umbilical Cord
Reference Laboratory 80307; 99001 XDDPU
Drug Screen C, Rapid (Panel will reflex to Confirmation) For Referral Use Only and Client-Specific
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 RDSC
Drug Screen Comprehensive, Urine
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307; 80342 UDS
Drug Screen Comprehensive, Urine and Blood
Coma Panel
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307; 80320; 80336; 80342; 80345; 80368 COMAD
Drug Screen D Rapid, Urine (Panel will Reflex to Confirmation) For Referral and Client-Specific use only
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 RDSD
Drug Screen H3, Rapid For Referral Client Specific Use Only
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 RDSH3
Drug Screen Panel 10 Rapid, Urine (No Confirmation) Referral Use Only
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 RDSR
Drug Screen Panel 10 Rapid, Urine (Panel will reflex to Confirmation) Referral Use Only
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 RDS
Drug Screen Rapid Panel 10 (NO Confirmation- will NOT reflex to confirmation) This Test Code is for UCI Inpatient Use
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80307 RDSI
Drug Screen Rapid Panel 10, Urine (Panel will reflex to Confirmation) Inpatient Use only
Rapid Drug Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 RDSO
Drug Screen, Pain with Reflex to Confirmation
Drug Screen, Pain Clinic
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 DSP2
Drug Screen, Panel 7 with confirmation, (Pre-employment Drug Panel)
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 RDSE
Drug Screen, Serum
Hypnotic Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 SERDS
Drugs Of Abuse Panel, Meconium - Screen with Reflex to Confirmation/Quantitation
MEC 9; Meconium
Reference Laboratory 80307; 80324; 80345; 80347; 80348; 80349; 80353; 80358; 80359; 80361; 80365; 83392; 99001; If positive, add appropriate CTP code: XMEC9
Fentanyl Confirmation
Abstral; Actiq; Duragesic; Durogesic; Fentanil; Fentora; Haldid; Instanyl; Lazanda; Matrifen; Onsolis; Sublimaze
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80354 FENCON
Fentanyl Screen
Abstral; Actiq; Durogesic; Fentanil; Fentora; Haldid; Instanyl; Lazanda; Matrifen; Onsolis; Sublimaze
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80302 FENT
FLT3 ITD and TKD Mutation Test
AML; D835Y; Internal Tandem Duplication; ITD; TKD
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81245; 81246 FLT3
Ganglioside Antibody Panel, Serum
Anti-GM 1 Antibody; Asialo GM-1; Disialo GD1b; Monosialo GM-1
Reference Laboratory 83526; 99001 YGM1B
Gliadin Peptide Antibodies, IgG and IgA
Deamidated Gliadin
Reference Laboratory 83516; 99001 XGLIAD
Heparin Low Molecular Weight (Anti–Xa)
Daltaparin; Enoxoparin; Fragmin; Lovenox; Nadroparin
Hematology 85520 LMWH
Hepatitis Delta Antibody (Anti-HDV)
Delta Agent
Reference Laboratory 86692; 99001 XHBDEL
HLA, Class II DNA Typing (Intermediate Resolution) (kidney and/or pancreas recipients and donors)
DPA1; DPB1 (Class II) Molecular typing; DQA1; DQB1; DRB1; DRB345
HLA Laboratory 81375 HLAKII
HLA, Class II DNA Typing (Molecular Typing, Intermediate Resolution) (Non-kidney/pancreas patients)
DPA1; DPB1 (Class II) Molecular typing; DQA1; DQB1; DRB1; DRB345
HLA Laboratory 81375 HLAII
Hydromorphone Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80361 DILAUD
Hypoglycemia Panel, Sulfonylurease Qualitative
Reference Laboratory 80377; 99001; G0480 XHYGLY
LDL Cholesterol
Direct LDL; Low Density Lipoprotein
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 83721 LDLD
Meperidine Confirmation
Demerol Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80303 MEPCON
Meperidine Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80302 MEPERI
Methadone and Metabolite, Serum or Plasma, Quantitative
Amidone; Dolophine; EDDP; Heptadon; Methadose; Physeptone; Symoron
Reference Laboratory 80358; 99001 XMTH
Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO)/Aquaporin-4-IgG Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Assay, Serum
AQP; AQP4; Aquaporin; Devic’s Antibody; Neruomyelitis Optica; Optic Neuritix Antibody; Transverse Myelitis Antibody; Vision Loss Antibody
Reference Laboratory 86255; 86256; 99001 YNMOFS
Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO)/Aquaporin-4-IgG Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Assay, Spinal Fluid
AQP; Devic’s Antibody; NMO; NMO-IgG; Optic-Spinal MS antibody; Traverse Loss Antibody; Vision loss antibody
Reference Laboratory 86255; 86256; 99001 YNMOFC
Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids
arachidonic acid EPA ratio; DHA; Omega 3 index; Polyunsaturated fatty acids
Reference Laboratory 82542; 99001 ZOFAT
Propoxyphene Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80367 DARCON
Propoxyphene Screen
Darvon Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80301 DARVON
Desmethylsertraline; Zoloft
Reference Laboratory 80332; 99001 ZSERTR
Thyroxine, Free by Equilibrium Dialysis
Direct Dialysis; FT4; T4 free Equilibrium
Reference Laboratory 84439; 99001 XT4FRD
Valproic Acid
Depakane; Depakote
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80164 VALP