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Lab Test
Fungitell; glucan
Reference Laboratory 87449; 99001 XFUNG
Acylcarnitines, Quantitative, Plasma
FIGLU; Formiminotransferase Aciduria; Glutaric Acidemia; Malonic Aciduria; Methylmalonic Acidemia
Reference Laboratory 82017; 99001 YACRN
Bile Acids, Total
Glycolic Acid
Reference Laboratory 82239; 99001 XBILE
Brown-Hopps Stain
Gram Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88312 HSPST1
BRST-2 Stain
GCDFP; Gross Cystic Disease Fluid Protein-15
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Desmethyldiazepam; Gen-Xene; Nordiazepam; Novo-Clopate; Traxene
Reference Laboratory 80346; 99001 XCLOR
Crystals, Synovial or Joint Fluid
Calcium pyrophosphate dehydrogenase; CPPD; Gout; Joint fluid; pseudogout
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 89060 CRYSTL
Culture, Group B Streptococcus Screen
GBS screen
Microbiology 87081; 87147 CULGBS
Cytology, Brushing Non-Gyn
Bronchial Brushing; Common Bile Duct Brushing; Esophageal Brushing; Gastric Brushing; Hepatic Duct Brushing; Non-Gyn
Cytology 88160 or 88161 or 88162 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342 N/A
Cytology, Conventional Pap Smear
Conventional Pap Smear; GYN; PAP Smear
Cytology 88141; 88164; P3000; P3001 N/A
Cytology, Liquid Based Pap Test
GYN; Liquid Based PAP; Pap Smear; ThinPrep
Cytology 87621; 88142; 88143; G0123; G0141 N/A
EGFR Mutation Testing-Lung
erlotinib; gefitinib; Iressa; Tarceva; Tyrosine kinase inhibitor
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81235; 88381 EGFR
Endomysial Antibody, IgA by IFA
Anti-Endomysial Antibodies; EMA; EMA IgA; Gluten-Sensitive Enteropathy Tests
Reference Laboratory 86256; 99001 XEMA
Factor V Leiden Variant Analysis
Factor V genotype; Factor V Leiden polymorphism; G1691A; R506Q
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81241 VLEID
Glycated albumin; Glycated protein; GSP; Protein bound glucose
Reference Laboratory 82985; 99001 XFRU
Gabarone; Neurontin
Reference Laboratory 80171; 99001 XGABA
Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82977 GGT
Ganglioside Antibody Panel, Serum
Anti-GM 1 Antibody; Asialo GM-1; Disialo GD1b; Monosialo GM-1
Reference Laboratory 83526; 99001 YGM1B
Reference Laboratory 82941; 99001 XGASTR
Gastrin Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Genomic SNP Microarray Product of Conception
Reference Laboratory 81229; 99001 XSNPOC
Gentamicin, Peak
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80170 GENTP
Gentamicin, Random
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80170 GENTR
Gentamicin, Trough
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80170 GENTT
Giardia lamblia Examination
Microbiology 87015; 87269 PARGIA
Giemsa Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88312 HSPST1
Gliadin Peptide Antibodies, IgG and IgA
Deamidated Gliadin
Reference Laboratory 83516; 99001 XGLIAD
Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Glomerular Basement Membrane (GBM) Antibody IgG
Reference Laboratory 83516; 99001 XGBM
Reference Laboratory 82943; 99001 XGLUCA
Glucagon Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82947 GLUC
Glucose Tolerance Test, 1 Hour
One Hour Post Glucola
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 89250 GTT1HR
Glucose Tolerance Test, 2 Hour
GTT; OGTT; Oral glucose tolerance test
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82947; 82950 GTT2HR
Glucose Tolerance Test, 2 Hour Post Partum
Post Partum Glucose Tolerance Test
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82951; 82952 x 2 PPGTT
Glucose Tolerance Test, 3 Hour
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82951; 82952 x 2 GTT3HR
Glucose Tolerance Test, 5 Hour
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82951; 82952 x 4 GTT5H
Glucose, 1 Hour Post Prandial
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82947 GLU1PP
Glucose, 2 Hour Post Prandial
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82497; 82950 GLU2PP
Glucose, 24 Hour Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82945 GLUCUR
Glucose, Body Fluid
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82945 GLUFL
Glucose, Microdialysis Test available only for UCI Inpatients
Glucose Microdialysate
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 82945 GLUMCD
Glucose, Spinal Fluid
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82945 GLUCSF
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G-6-PD), Quantitative
Reference Laboratory 82955; 99001 XG6PD
Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase
(G-6-PD) Screen

Hematology 82960 G6PDS
Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD65) Antibody Assay, Serum
64K Antibody; Anti-GAD Antibodies; Anti-Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Ab; Beta Cell Antibody; GAD65; Pancreatic Islet Cell Ab
Reference Laboratory 86341; 99001 YGD65S
Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD65) Antibody Assay, Spinal fluid
65k antibody; Anti-GAD antibodies; Anti-islet Cell antibody; Beta Cell Antibodies; GAD65
Reference Laboratory 86341; 99001 YGD65C
Glycated Hemoglobin, A1C
A1C; HbA1C; hemoglobin A1c
Hematology 83036 A1C
Gomori’s Methenamine Silver Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88312 HSPST1
Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GNRH)
Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone
Reference Laboratory 83727; 99001 ZGNRH
Gram Stain
Microbiology 87205 CULGST
Grocott’s Method for Fungi Stain
GMS/F; Grocott’s Methenamine Silver
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88312 HSPST1
Group B Streptococcus PCR
Microbiology 87081; 87147; 87653 SRGBS
Growth Hormone
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 83003 GROWTH
Growth Hormone Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Microdialysis Panel (microD Panel) Test available only for UCI Inpatients
Glumic; Lacmic; LPrato; MICref; Pyrmic
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 82945; 83605; 84210 CSFMIC
N-methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antibody, IgG, CSF with Reflex to Titer
Anti NMDA CSF; glutamate receptor antibodies; NMDA R; NMDA Receptor Ab CSF
Reference Laboratory 86255; 86256; 99001 XNMDAC
N-methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antibody, IgG, Serum with Reflex to Titer
Anti-NMDA; Glutamate Receptor Antibodies; N-Methyl D-Aspartate Ab; NMDA R; NMDA Receptor Ab; NMDA Reflex; NMDA Titer
Reference Laboratory 86255; 86256; 99001 XNMDA
Neutrophil Antibody
Granulocyte Antibody
Reference Laboratory 86021; 99001 ZGRAN
Organic Acids Screen, Urine
2-Ketoadipic Acid; 2-Ketoglutaric Acid; 4-OH Butyric Acid; GHB; Glutaric Acid; Isovaleric Acid; Methylmalonic Acid (MMA); Propionic Acid; Suberic Acid
Reference Laboratory 83919; 99001 YOAU
PNH, PI-Linked Antigen, Blood
Acid Hemolysis; CD 55; CD 59; FLAER; GPI-Linked Antigen; PI LINKED AG; PNH; Sucrose Analysis; Sugar Water PNH Screen
Reference Laboratory 81888; 88184; 88185; 99001 YPLINK
T-Cell Receptor Gene Rearrangement, PCR, Bone Marrow
Gene Rearrangement; reactive Lymphocytic Process; T- Cell Rearrangement; T-Cell Receptor Gene rearrangement
Reference Laboratory 81340; 81342; 99001 YTCGBM
Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin (TSI), Serum
Graves Disease; LATS (Long-Acting Thyroid Stimulator); Thyretain; Thyroid Receptor Antibody; Thyroid Stimulating Antibody; Thyroid Stimulator Antibody; TSH Receptor Binding Inhibitory Immunoglobulin; TSI (Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin)
Reference Laboratory 84445; 99001 YTSI