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Lab Test
2,3-Dinor-11 Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha, Urine
11 Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha; 11BPG; 23BPG; BPG2; Mastocytosis; Prostaglandin
Reference Laboratory 84150; 99001 Y23BPG
5, 10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase
(MTHFR) C677T Variant Analysis

677T genotype; C677T; MTHFR mutation
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81291 MTHFR
Acylcarnitines, Quantitative, Plasma
FIGLU; Formiminotransferase Aciduria; Glutaric Acidemia; Malonic Aciduria; Methylmalonic Acidemia
Reference Laboratory 82017; 99001 YACRN
Allergen, Dust IgE
Mold Dust Allergy Panel
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 86003 DUST
Amphetamines Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80324 AMPCON
Amphetamines Screen
Methamphetamine Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 AMPHET
Anti Mullerian Hormone
AMH; Mullerian inhibiting hormone
Reference Laboratory 83520; 99001 XMULL
B Cell Subset Analysis
Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID); Memory B-CELLS
Reference Laboratory 86355; 86356 XBCS
B-Cell Phenotyping Profile for Immunodeficiency and Immune Competence Assessment, Blood
B-cell Immune Competence; Common Variable Immunodeficiency; Kidney Transplant; Acquired Immune Deficiency; ATG; B and T Lymphocyte Surface Marker; B Cell; B Cell Assessment; B Cell CVID; B Cell Function; B Cell Immune Competence; B Cell Phenotype; B Cell Subset; B-cell Function; B-cell Immunodeficiency; CD19; CD19 Count; CD27 CD56 Count; CD3 Count; CD4 Count; CD8 Count; Cell Immunodeficiency; Class-switching; CVID; Helper Suppressor Ratio; Humoral Immunodeficiency; IgD; IgM; IgM Memory B-cell; Immune Assessment; Immune Competence; Immune Reconstitution; Immune Status; Immunodeficiency; Immunodeficiency Panel; Immunophenotyping-CD4 Count; Lymphocyte Surface Marker; Mature B-cell; Memory B-cell; Plasmablast; QN Lymphocyte Subsets: T, B, and NK; Quantitative CD4 and CD8; Suppressor Helper Ratio; Syndrome (AIDS); T and B Lymphocyte Surface Marker; T- and B-cell Quantitation; T- and B-cells; T-cell; T-helper/T-suppressor Ratio; T4/T8 Helper Suppressor Ratio; Transitional B-cell; Variable Immunodeficiency
Reference Laboratory 56360; 86355; 86356; 86357; 86359; 88184; 88185; 99001 YIABCS
BCR-ABL p190 Quantitative Mutation Test
CML; e1a2 translocation; Minor breakpoint; Philadelphia chromosome; t(9;22)
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81207 BCR190
BRAF V600E Melanoma Mutation Assay
Melanoma; V600E; Vemurafenib; Zelboraf
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81210; 88381 BRAFM
Calreticulin Exon 9 Mutation
CALR gene; ET; MPN; Myeloproliferative neoplasms; PMF
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81219 CALR
Cancer Antigen 27-29
Breast Cancer Tumor Markers; Breast Carcinoma-Associated Antigen (CA 27.29), Serum; CA27-29; MAM 6; Milk Mucin
Reference Laboratory 86300; 99001 XCA27
Culture, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus areus (MRSA)
MRSA screen
Microbiology 87081 CULMRS
Drugs Of Abuse Panel, Meconium - Screen with Reflex to Confirmation/Quantitation
MEC 9; Meconium
Reference Laboratory 80307; 80324; 80345; 80347; 80348; 80349; 80353; 80358; 80359; 80361; 80365; 83392; 99001; If positive, add appropriate CTP code: XMEC9
Ethambutol Quantitative, Serum or Plasma
Clon; Myambutol
Reference Laboratory 80375; 99001 XETHCL
Fentanyl Confirmation
Abstral; Actiq; Duragesic; Durogesic; Fentanil; Fentora; Haldid; Instanyl; Lazanda; Matrifen; Onsolis; Sublimaze
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80354 FENCON
Fentanyl Screen
Abstral; Actiq; Durogesic; Fentanil; Fentora; Haldid; Instanyl; Lazanda; Matrifen; Onsolis; Sublimaze
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80302 FENT
Ganglioside Antibody Panel, Serum
Anti-GM 1 Antibody; Asialo GM-1; Disialo GD1b; Monosialo GM-1
Reference Laboratory 83526; 99001 YGM1B
JAK2 Gene, V617F Mutation by ddPCR, Quantitative
BCR-ABL 1-negative testing; Classic BCR-ABL1-negative testing; MPN JAK 2; Mutant JAK2 V617F allelic burden
Reference Laboratory 81270; 99001 XJAK2Q
Ki-67 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Librium and Nordiazepam
Chlordiazepoxide; Kolpoxide; Librax; Libritabs; Misural; Mitran; Multom; Poxi; Risolid; Sonimen; Tropium; Vovapam; Zetran
Reference Laboratory 80346; 99001 XCDPX
MAG Antibody
Anti-MAG; Myelin associated glycoprotein antibody
Reference Laboratory 83516; 99001 XMAGS
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 83735 MAG
Magnesium, 24 Hour Urine
Magnesium, Quantitative Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 83735 MGUR
Magnesium, Random Urine
Urine-spot, Magnesium
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 83735 MGU
Magnesium, RBC
Reference Laboratory 83735; 99001 XRBCM
Malaria Exam
Babesia; Borrelia; Plasmodium
Microbiology 87015; 87207; 87899 PARMAL
Masson’s Trichrome Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88313 HSPST2
MDMA Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80359 MDMCON
MDMA Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80301 MDMA
Measles Antibody, IgG
Rubeola antibody
Microbiology 86765 VISMEG
Measles Antibody, IgG & IgM
Rubeola antibody
Microbiology 86765 VISMEP
Melan-A Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Meperidine Confirmation
Demerol Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80303 MEPCON
Meperidine Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80302 MEPERI
Mercury, Hair
Reference Laboratory 83285; 99001 ZMERH
Mercury, Nails
Reference Laboratory 83285; 99001 ZMERN
Mercury, Urine
Reference Laboratory 81050; 83825; 99001 XMRCU
Mercury, Whole Blood
Reference Laboratory 83825; 99001 XMRBL
Metanephrines Fractionated, Free, Plasma
Fractionated Metanephrines; Free Metanephrine; Normetanephrine, free
Reference Laboratory 83835; 99001 YPMET
Metanephrines Fractionated, Urine
Reference Laboratory 83835; 99001 XMETUR
Methadone and Metabolite, Serum or Plasma, Quantitative
Amidone; Dolophine; EDDP; Heptadon; Methadose; Physeptone; Symoron
Reference Laboratory 80358; 99001 XMTH
Methadone Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80358 METCON
Methadone Maintenance Screen and Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80307 RDSM
Methadone Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80301 METHA
Methemoglobin, Quantitative
Hemoglobin Hi
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 83050 METHGB
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80204 MTX
Methyl Alcohol
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80320 MEOH
Methylmalonic Acid (MMA)
Reference Laboratory 83921; 99001 XMETHL
Microalbumin, 24 Hour Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82043 MAL
Microalbumin/Creatinine Ratio
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82043; 82570 MALCR
Microdialysis Panel (microD Panel) Test available only for UCI Inpatients
Glumic; Lacmic; LPrato; MICref; Pyrmic
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 82945; 83605; 84210 CSFMIC
Microsatellite Instability (MSI) Test
Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal cancer; HNPCC; Lynch syndrome
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81301; 88381 MSI
Microsporidium Examination
Microbiology 87015; 87207 PARMSP
Mitochiondrial Antibodies
Hematology 80500; 86255; 86256 AMA
Mitochondrial M2 (MI2) Antibody, IgG
Reference Laboratory 83516; 99001 XMM2AB
Mixed Venous, Blood Gas With Electrolytes and Glucose
Blood Gas; CHEM; HCT; Mixed Venous
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82083 BGLTMV
Mixed Venous, Blood Gas With Hematocrit Only
Blood Gas With Hematocrit Only, Mixed Venous
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82803 BGHMV
MPL Exon 10 Mutation Detection, Varies
MPL S505; MPL W515; MPLB; MPLM; MPLVA; Myeloproliferative Leukemia Virus Oncogene
Reference Laboratory 81403 YMPLVS
Mtb Nucleic Acid PCR
Mtb Complex PCR/RIF Resistance By PCR For Sputum
Microbiology 87556; 87798 STBPCR
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88313 HSPST2
Mucicarmine Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88313 HSPST2
Mucorales Real-time PCR
Reference Laboratory 87798; 99001 VRMUCO
Mumps Antibody, IgG
Microbiology 86735 VISMUG
Mumps Antibody, IgG & IgM
Microbiology 86735 VISMUP
Muscle Biopsy, Enzyme Histochemistry
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) Varies depending on stains ordered
Muscle Specific Kinase (MUSK) Autoantibody, Serum
MuSK; MuSK Autoantibody
Reference Laboratory 83519; 99001 YMUSK
Myasthenia Gravis (MG)/Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS) Evaluation, Serum
P/Q; Acetylcholine Receptor (Muscle AChR) Antibodies; Ach Receptor Ab; AChR (Acetylcholine Receptor); AChR Receptor Blocking Ab; Anti-Skeletal Muscle Antibodies; Blocking Ab; Calcium channel antibody; Lambert Eaton; Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic syndrome; Lambert-Eaton syndrome; LEMS; LES; Muscle End-Plate Antibodies; MUSK; MuSK myasthenia; Myasthenia Gravis; Myasthenia Gravis Antibodies; Myoid Antibody; Thymoma
Reference Laboratory 83519; 86255; 99001 Y1MGL
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Detection and Rifampin Resistance by PCR
Reference Laboratory 87556; 87798; 99001 XTBRIF
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Nucleic Acid Amplification
Reference Laboratory 87556; 99001 ZMTBD
Mycophenolic Acid and Metabolites
Reference Laboratory 80180; 99001 XMYCO2
Mycoplasma pneumonia Antibody, IgG
Microbiology 86738 VISMYG
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibodies, IgG & IgM
M pneumoniae antibodies IgG, IgM; M. pneumoniae antibodies
Reference Laboratory 86738; 99001 XMYCOP
Mycoplasma pneumoniae Antibody, IgM
Microbiology 86738 VISMYM
Mycoplasma pneumoniae, PCR Qualitative
Reference Laboratory 87581; 99001 XMPPCR
Myelin Basic Protein
Reference Laboratory 83873; 99001 XMBP
Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein (MOG-IgG1) Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Assay, Serum
MOG; MOG-IgG; NMO Antibody; Optic Neuritis Antibody; Transverse Myelitis Antibody; Vision Loss Antibody
Reference Laboratory 86255; 86256; 99001 YMOGFS
Myeloperoxidase Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Myogenin Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Reference Laboratory 83874; 99001 XMYOG
Myoglobin Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Myoglobin, Urine
Reference Laboratory 83874; 99001 XMGQN
FMYO3; Myomarker 3; Myositis; Myositis Panel 3
Reference Laboratory 83516; 86235; 99001 YFMYO3
Oligoclonal Band Profile
CSF Oligoclonal Bands; MS Panel; MS Profile; Multiple Sclerosis Panel
Reference Laboratory 82040; 82042; 82784; 83916; 99001 XMSPN
Opiates 5 plus Tramadol by GCMS
Codeine; Hydrocodone; Hydromorphone; Morphine; Oxycodone; Tramadol
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80364; 80373 OP5TRA
Opiates Confirmation
Codeine; Morphine
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80361 OPSCON
Organic Acids Screen, Urine
2-Ketoadipic Acid; 2-Ketoglutaric Acid; 4-OH Butyric Acid; GHB; Glutaric Acid; Isovaleric Acid; Methylmalonic Acid (MMA); Propionic Acid; Suberic Acid
Reference Laboratory 83919; 99001 YOAU
Hematologic malignancy; Lymphoid; Myeloid; NGS
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81455 PANHEM
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT) Inhibitor
1:1 Mixing study; 50:50 mixing study; APTT Inhibitor; Correction Study; Mixing Study
Hematology 85670; 85730; 85732 INHPTT
Primidone and Metabolite
Luminal; Mysoline; Phenobarbital
Reference Laboratory 80184; 80188; 99001 XPRIM
Prometheus Monitr Crohn’s Disease (Mucosal Healing)
Monitr Crohn's Disease
Reference Laboratory 82397; 83250; 86141; 99001 ZPMCD
Prothrombin Time (PT) Inhibitor
1:1 Mixing study; 50:50 mixing study; Correction Study; Mixing Study; PT Inhibitor
Hematology 85610; 85611 INHPT
Trileptal (Oxcarbazepine or Eslicarbazepine metabolite)
Reference Laboratory 80299; 99001 XTRIL
Tryptase, serum
Mast cell Tryptase
Reference Laboratory 83520; 99001 YTRYPT
Vaginitis (VG), NuSwab
Atopobium vaginae; Bacterial Vaginosis; BVAB-2; Candida albicans and Candida glabrata; Megasphaera 1; NAA; Trichomonas vaginalis
Reference Laboratory 87661; 87801; 87998; 99001 YFNSVG
Vaginitis Plus (VG+), NuSwab
Chlamydia trachomatis NAA; Atopobium vaginae; Bacterial Vaginosis NAA; BVAB-2; Candida albicans and Candida glabrata NAA; Megasphaera 1; Neisseria gonorrhoeae NAA; Trichomonas vaginalis NAA
Reference Laboratory 87491; 87591; 87661; 87798; 87801; 99001 ZVAGP
Acetone; Isopropanol; Methanol
Chemistry (Toxicology) 84600 VOLGLC