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Antidepressant Drug Screen, Ur, Quantative
Quantative Antidepressant Drug Screen; TCA Screen; Tricyclic Screen
Reference Laboratory 80333; 80337; 80369; 99001 YFASQN
B-Cell Phenotyping Profile for Immunodeficiency and Immune Competence Assessment, Blood
B-cell Immune Competence; Common Variable Immunodeficiency; Kidney Transplant; Acquired Immune Deficiency; ATG; B and T Lymphocyte Surface Marker; B Cell; B Cell Assessment; B Cell CVID; B Cell Function; B Cell Immune Competence; B Cell Phenotype; B Cell Subset; B-cell Function; B-cell Immunodeficiency; CD19; CD19 Count; CD27 CD56 Count; CD3 Count; CD4 Count; CD8 Count; Cell Immunodeficiency; Class-switching; CVID; Helper Suppressor Ratio; Humoral Immunodeficiency; IgD; IgM; IgM Memory B-cell; Immune Assessment; Immune Competence; Immune Reconstitution; Immune Status; Immunodeficiency; Immunodeficiency Panel; Immunophenotyping-CD4 Count; Lymphocyte Surface Marker; Mature B-cell; Memory B-cell; Plasmablast; QN Lymphocyte Subsets: T, B, and NK; Quantitative CD4 and CD8; Suppressor Helper Ratio; Syndrome (AIDS); T and B Lymphocyte Surface Marker; T- and B-cell Quantitation; T- and B-cells; T-cell; T-helper/T-suppressor Ratio; T4/T8 Helper Suppressor Ratio; Transitional B-cell; Variable Immunodeficiency
Reference Laboratory 56360; 86355; 86356; 86357; 86359; 88184; 88185; 99001 YIABCS
Coxiella burnetii Antibody IgG, Phase I and II with Reflex to Titer
Q Fever Antibody, IgG
Reference Laboratory 86638; 99001 XCOXBR
Quantiferon TB Gold Plus, 4-Tube
Interferon Gamma Release assay for Tuberculosis; Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI); QFT TB; Quantiferon Mitogen and NIL
Reference Laboratory 86480; 99001 XQTB4
Quantitative D-Dimer (DDT)
Quantitative D-Dimer/Thrombosis
Hematology 85379 DDT
Quantitative D-Dimer/DIC (DDIMER)
Quantitative D-Dimer/DIC
Hematology 85379 DDIMER
Quetiapine (Seroquel)
Reference Laboratory 80342; 99001 YFQUET
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80194; 99001 XQUIN