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Taxonomic Changes and Terminology Update of Clinically Significant Bacteria
The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Microbiology Division, constantly reviews and updates organism names. Technologic advancements in fields such as molecular genetics, whole-genome sequencing, and studies of the human microbiome have resulted in an unprecedented recognition of new organism genus and species designations. Recognition and acknowledgment of organism taxonomy and nomenclature revisions affect clinical practice, disease epidemiology, and routine clinical microbiology laboratory operations. In order to prevent potential confusion to the clinical team, our reports will provide both names (current and old) for a period of two years after the name change has been implemented. Below is our latest update of the current nomenclature, taxonomy, and classification of clinically significant bacteria.

Effective date: March 17, 2021 (on-going)

Table of latest update of current nomenclature, taxonomy, and classification of clinically significant bacteria ›

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Cassiana Bittencourt, MD
Division of Microbiology

Edwin S. Monuki, MD, PhD
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

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