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New Tests: Testosterone Free, Adult Male; Sex Hormone Binding Globulin; and Testosterone Free and Total (includes SHBG), Adult Male



To inform all physicians and clinics that effective May 30, 2018, UCI Health’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine will offer in-house testing for 1) Testosterone Free, Adult Male; 2) Sex Hormone Binding Globulin; and 3)Testosterone Free and Total (includes SHBG), Adult Male.


Total Testosterone and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin are measured by chemiluminescent immunoassay, and Free Testosterone is derived mathematically (Vermuelen, 1999). For improved sensitivity, the suggested Testosterone test for females or children is performed by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and remains a send out (XTESTF and XFTESF).

EFFECTIVE DATE: May 30, 2018


Testosterone Free and Total (includes SHBG), Adult Male
Test Code: TESTM
Specimen: 1.0 mL serum

Testosterone Free, Adult Male
Test Code: FTESTM
Specimen: 1.0 mL serum

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
Test Code: SHBG
Specimen: 1.0 mL serum from gold top tube is preferred, but red top or plasma from a Lithium Heparin top tube is also acceptable.

Turnaround Time (TAT):
Routine: 2 - 4 hours
Set-up days: Daily

Reference Intervals:
Testosterone Total, Adult Male: 175-781 ng/dL
Testosterone Free, Adult Male: 49-190 pg/mL
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: Adult Males: 13-90 nmol/L
Adult Females: 17-136 nmol/L (when SHBG is ordered individually)

Rejection Criteria: Specimens that exceed stated stability, unlabeled/mislabeled/mismatched specimens, specimens submitted in leaking containers, specimens collected in lavender top (EDTA) or pink top (K2EDTA) tubes and grossly hemolyzed or lipemic specimens.

A summary of all tests offered by our Laboratory Services can be found here: http://www.pathology.uci.edu/services/index.asp


Bridgit O. Crews, PhD
Director, Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology

Edwin S. Monuki, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine