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UC Irvine Medical Center
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
101 The City Drive
Orange, CA  92868

888-UCI-LABS (888-824-5227)

Chief Administrative Officer, Pathology Neil Detweiler 714-456-7557
Assistant Director, Pathology Shirley Belen 714-456-5075
Assistant Director, Pathology Carol Eade-Viele 714-456-5819
Pre-Analytics & Referral Services Manager    Suzanne Adelsohn    714-456-8694
Client Services Supervisor Deanne Cooper 714-456-6356
Referral Account Manager Douglas Grudt 714-456-8612
Referral Field Service Representative Gabriela Mercado 714-509-2018
Ambulatory Account Manager Shaun Tabor 714-456-8690
Support Services Supervisor Abraham Castaneda 714-719-2998
Phlebotomy Supervisor, Inpatient Katie Nguyen-Vu 714-456-8822
Phlebotomy Supervisor, Inpatient Yadira Vaca 714-456-8822
Phlebotomy Supervisor, Outpatient Kimberly Tran 714-456-6722
Phlebotomy Supervisor, Mobile Claudia Guevara 714-509-2349
Send-Outs Coordinator Kathy Nguyen 714-456-5470
Send-Outs Supervisor Abraham Castaneda 714-719-2998
Send-Outs Medical Director Cassiana Bittencourt, MD 714-506-0014
Anatomic Pathology Manager Geoffrey Sempa 714-456-6441
Cytology Supervisor May Myint 714-456-5021
Histology Supervisor Joyce Kelner 714-456-8731
Microbiology Sr. Supervisor Julio Soto 714-456-8575
Microbiology Supervisor Kaye Evans 714-456-5439
Hematology Sr. Supervisor Surinder Dhillon 714-456-5090
Hematology Evening Supervisor Julie Tran 714-456-5090
Chemistry Sr. Supervisor Marlon Sy 714-456-6543
Chemistry Evening Supervisor Peter Thai 714-456-5215
Laboratory Night Supervisor Concepcion Lee 714-456-5215
Point of Care Sr. Supervisor Mary Wong Williams 714-456-8387
Molecular Pathology Supervisor Ellen Aquino 714-456-5422
Blood Bank Sr. Supervisor Christine Sandoval 714-456-5716
Blood Bank Evening Supervisor Marc Feria 714-456-5716
Donor Center Susan Angel 714-456-5045
HLA Sr. Supervisor Hao Trinh 714-456-5889
Compliance and Point of Care Manager Melisand Mohseni 714-509-2842