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Salary and Benefits


Resident Physicians (or Post-MDs)
Fiscal Year Rates (7/1/2023)


      Current Scale
Rank Step Annual Monthly
RESIDENT PHYSICIAN I 72,362 6,030.16
II 74,495 6,207.91
III 77,107 6,425.58
IV 79,835 6,652.91
V 82,775 6,897.97
VI 85,554 7,129.50

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Residents are provided with health insurance, including coverage of their dependents at no cost. New residents/fellows are automatically enrolled in the UCI benefit package. Returning residents/fellows and their dependents are simply re-enrolled.

Professional Liability Insurance

Residents are provided with professional liability coverage for all activities, which are approved components of the residency program.

Professional License and Exam Stipend

Medical licensure: PTL, renewal, regular during active appointment time (including pre-UCI employment)

Exams: USMLE Step 3 or COMPLEX 3 (one time only

Types of Leave

Vacation/Educational: 4-seven-day workweeks per postgraduate year.

Sick: 12 days per postgraduate year

Parental Leave: 8 weeks paid within 12 months of child’s birth/placement

Medical/Caregiver Leave: 6 weeks of paid leave, to be used once during training after all sick and vacation time has been exhausted.

Educational and Conference Fund

Residents are provided with an annual book fund stipend of $1,500.00 upon completion of appropriate requirements.

White Coats and Scrubs

All house officers receive two white coats at the beginning of their residency. Scrubs are available and issued to achieve compliance with the University Dress Code.


Each resident receives $120.00/month, paid monthly, or provided annually in the lump amount of $1,440.00 meal card-ID badge.


Parking at UC Irvine Medical Center is by permit only ($70/month). Free parking is provided at the Veterans Affairs Long Beach Medical Center.

Community Discounts

Residents are eligible for discounts on merchandise, services, and recreational activities at many local businesses.