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Clinical Pathology

The Clinical Pathology Division services encompass clinical chemistry, hematology/coagulation, HLA, medical microbiology, molecular pathology, and transfusion medicine and blood banking.

Clinical Chemistry offers a comprehensive range of routine and specialized testing for diagnostic, prognostic and disease monitoring purposes on blood, urine, and other fluids.... more

Cytogenetics and Genomics uses the latest technology for processing, analysis, and reporting for a wide-range of... more

Hematology/Coagulation service provides complete evaluation of blood, bone marrow, lymph node and other tissue and fluids for lymphomas, leukemias, myelodysplasia,...more

HLA Laboratory provides clinical testing support for kidney and pancreas transplant patients, and for disease association and drug sensitivity testing. It is accredited...more

Medical microbiology faculty members provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests and are organized into specialty sections that are staffed by highly skilled clinical laboratory scientists. ...more

Molecular Diagnostics uses a wide range of techniques including PCR, Southern blot analysis, microarrays and DNA sequencing to perform testing for hereditary disorders, pharmacogenomics, cancer diagnosis and... more

Transfusion medicine is involved in all aspects of blood component therapy—from donor recruitment, selection and collection to donor testing, product manufacture, and therapeutic apheresis. ...more


Sherif Rezk
Sherif Rezk, MD
Chief, Clinical Pathology

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Medical Director
Sherif Rezk, MD
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