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Edwin S. Monuki, MD, PhD Warren L. Bostick Chair, Pathology 714-456-6141
Beverly Y. Wang, MD Chief, Anatomic Pathology 714-456-6141
Sherif Rezk, MD

Chief, Clinical Pathology

Neil Detweiler Administrative Director, Pathology 714-456-7557
Shirley Belen, CLS, MBA Assistant Administrative Director, Pathology 714-456-5075
Mary Allen, MBA, MLS, CLS Assistant Administrative Director, Pathology 714-456-5819
Geoffrey Sempa Manager, Anatomic Pathology 714-456-6441
Melisand Mohseni, MT(ASCP)CLS Manager, Regulatory & Compliance 714-509-2842

Laboratory Divisions


Robert A. Edwards, MD, PhD Medical Director 714-456-6141


Di Lu, MD Medical Director 714-456-6141

Surgical Pathology

Beverly Y. Wang, MD Medical Director 714-456-6141


Mari Perez-Rosendahl, MD Medical Director 714-456-6141

Transfusion Services

Minh-Ha Tran, DO Medical Director 714-456-8925
Belina Kluchnikov, CLS Senior Supervisor, Transfusion Medicine 714-456-5716
Susan Angel, MSN, RN Manager, Donor Center 714-456-5733


Sheila Zhao, MD, PhD Medical Director 714-456-5090
Sherif Rezk, MD Associate Medical Director 714-456-5009
Julie Tran, CLS Senior. Supervisor, Hematology 714-456-5030


Cassiana Bittencourt, MD Medical Director 714-456-6868
J.C. Soto Senior Supervisor, Microbiology 714-456-8575

Chemical Pathology

Bridgit Crews, PhD Medical Co-Director 714-456-2368
Sherif Rezk, MD Medical Co-Director 714-456-5009
Marlon Sy, CLS Senior Supervisor, Chemistry 714-456-6543


Gerald Morris, MD Medical Director 714-456-6936
Ingrid Perez-Alvarez Associate Medical Director 714-456-5882
Hao Trinh Senior Supervisor 714-456-5889

Outreach/Client Services

Sherif Rezk, MD Medical Director 714-456-5009
Suzanne Adelsohn Manager, Outreach 714-456-8694
Deanne Cooper Supervisor, Client Services 714-456-6356

Support Services

Sherif Rezk, MD Medical Director 714-456-5009
Abraham Castaneda Supervisor, Support Services 714-719-2998

Molecular Diagnostics & Cytogenetics

Fabiola Quintero-Rivera, MD, FACMG Medical Director 714-456-6936
Jefferson Chan, MD, PhD Medical Co-Director 949-824-9605
Robert Edwards, MD, PhD Medical Co-Director 949-824-8576
TBD Supervisor, Molecular Diagnositcs & Cytogenetics 714-456-5422

Outreach/Client Services Administrative Support Staff

Deanne Cooper, BA Referral Services Administrative Analyst Supervisor 714-456-6356
Yadira Ramos Referral Services Assistant Administrative Analyst 714-456-7094
Julie Baca Administrative Assistant 714-456-5438
Doug Grudt Administrative Assistant 714-456-8612
Shaun Tabor Ambulatory Account Manager 714-456-8690